Big Ideas Committee and Speakers

Big Ideas Committee Chairs

Dimitri Basov
UC San Diego -
Joe Orenstein
UC Berkeley -
Andrew Millis
Columbia -

La Jolla Cove

La Jolla Cove is a small, picturesque cove and beach that is surrounded by cliffs in La Jolla, San Diego, California. The Cove is protected as part of a marine reserve; underwater it is very rich in marine life, and is popular with snorkelers and scuba divers.

Invited Speakers

  • J. Moore (UCB)
  • S.C. Zhang (Stanford)
  • P. Armitage (JHU)
  • N. Samarth (Penn State)
  • P. Littlewood (ANL)
  • F. Koppens (IFCO)
  • E. Yablonovitch (UCB)
  • E. Andrei (Rutgers)
  • Philip Kim (Harvard)
  • T. Heinz (Stanford)
  • F. Guinea (CSIC, Madrid)
  • J. Hone (Columbia)
  • I.K. Schuller (UCSD)
  • L. Taillefer (Sherbrook)
  • S. Davis (Cornell/BNL)
  • A. Kapitulnik (Stanford)
  • J. Petta (Princeton)
  • D. Awschalom (Chicago)
  • M. Lipson (Columbia)
  • M. Lukin (Harvard)
  • A.Cavalleri (MPI-Hamburg)
  • K. A. Moller (Stanford)
  • A. Yacoby (Harvard)
  • A. Pasupathy (Columbia)
  • M. Fogler (UCSD)
  • M. Crommie (UCB)
  • A. Chubukov (Minnesota)
  • M.B. Maple (UCSD)
  • B. Keimer (MPI-Stuttgart)
  • Z.X. Shen (Stanford)
  • M. Aronson (Texas A & M)
  • V. Madhavan (UIUC)
  • N.P.Ong (Princeton)
  • A. Vishvanath (UCB)
  • N. Gedik (MIT)
  • M. Murnane (Colorado)
  • A. Georges (College de France)
  • A. Lanzara (UCB)
  • G. Boebinger (NHMFL)