BIG IDEAS in Quantum Materials
La Jolla Workshop 2015

This meeting will survey the major unresolved issues and the "big ideas" that will set directions for future work in Quantum Materials. Our speakers and session chairs have agreed not only present the latest results obtained in their groups but will also dedicate several slides to your vision of the major problems and challenges in the general area of quantum materials.


  • Topological and new states of matter
  • Quantum control and information
  • Graphene & two-dimensional Van der Waals systems
  • Superconductivity
  • Visualization of physical phenomena
  • Non-equilibrium phenomena and measurements under extreme conditions
  • Societal impact of quantum materials

Confirmed speakers and session chairs:

J. Moore (UCB), S.C. Zhang (Stanford), P. Armitage (JHU), N. Samarth (Penn State), P. Littlewood (ANL), F. Koppens (IFCO), E. Yablonovitch (UCB), E. Andrei (Rutgers), Philip Kim (Harvard), T. Heinz (Stanford), F. Guinea (CSIC, Madrid), J. Hone (Columbia), I.K. Schuller (UCSD), L. Taillefer (Sherbrook), S. Davis (Cornell/BNL), A. Kapitulnik (Stanford), J. Petta (Princeton), D. Awschalom (Chicago),A.Cavalleri (MPI-Hamburg), M. Lipson (Columbia), M. Lukin (Harvard), K. A. Moler (Stanford), A. Yacoby (Harvard), A. Pasupathy (Columbia), M. Fogler (UCSD), M. Crommie (UCB), A. Chubukov (Minnesota), M.B. Maple (UCSD), B. Keimer (MPI-Stuttgart), Z.X. Shen (Stanford), M. Aronson (Texas A & M), V. Madhavan (UIUC), N.P.Ong (Princeton), A. Vishwanath (UCB), N. Gedik (MIT), M. Murnane (Colorado), A. Georges (College de France), A. Lanzara (UCB), G. Boebinger (NHMFL)

Conference Support

Support for this conference is provided by the Gordon and Betty Moore foundation.

Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter


Quantum Design

Important Dates

  • Abstract Submission Open - Now Submit Today
  • Meeting Registration Opens
    September 1, 2015
  • (Early Registration $450.00 September 1 - October 15, 2015. Late Registration, $550.00 October 15 - November 15, 2015)
  • Abstract Submission Closed - November 10, 2015
  • Notification of Acceptance: Oct 5, 2015

Accomodations and Venue

Stroll from the La Jolla Shores Hotel to the Robert Paine Scripps Forum for Science, Society and the Environment Conference Facilities without leaving the sand!

Beautiful Winter Weather

As you may know, La Jolla is a very pleasant meeting location. December is typically sunny with average temperatures in the mid 60s F. We have chosen a conference site right on the coast where participants can enjoy a stimulating ocean breeze in the middle of the winter season.